* TÜTER PLASTİK SAN.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. Tüter Plastik’s History begin in 2013 with a modest growth in the plastics industry. in 2013 our company entered the packaging sector in order to diversity its product range. Considering the rapid development and increasing competititon environment in the plastic injection and packaging sector, our company continues its investments with its technological and human being investments.
* Production both sides takes place with the most advanced technology and hygienic conditions in the current market. Today, when the world goes into a commercial integration and the boundaries between the countries lose importance, Tüter Plastik continues its research and investment studies for quality production and also aims to be among the leading companies on the market.
* Tüter Plastik offers all of the manufactured our own products in order to provide better quality and faster service to our customers. Our company, wich has archived international standarts, is a production center with high quality row materials, modern machine aquipment park and qualified workers. We increase our production volume and product range daybyday and strive to present our innovations quickly to our customers. We would like to thank our customers who carried us to these days and our entire working team and wish a happy and peaceful future.


* To serve with efficient and sustainable quality products to the both inside and outside market,
* To take the principle of self-reliance on trade morality and ethics,
* To inform the clients about our new products, possible risks and opportunities,
* To provide fair working, team work, open communication, personal reliability and development possibilities by ensuring that our working environment is safe and efficient,
* To maintain trade tradition and culture in the best possible way.


* To maximize the quality by centering the satisfaction of our customers,
* Being an international exemplary company by continuing to be the best in Gaziantep and Turkey in all the services we provide.


* To increase our production and product range capacity,
* Being in work to ensure the continuity of our acceptance of 'good quality products' that we have built in the inner and outer market,
* Doing all the work on the first time and every time just in time ensuring the participation of all our employees,
* To create an environment of honest, tolerant, respectful and self-sacrificing work for our employees in a team spirit for continuous education, development and improvement,
* It is our company's Quality Policy to make appropriate production in advanced technological conditions, hygienic environment and to fulfill management policy regulations in this direction.



* Completely destroyable plastic bags which Tüter Plastik produce using bio-degradable materials are sturdy plastic bags and designed to carry many items such as clothes, grocery products, etc. The bags can be recycled before the bio-degradable period. When the bags are thrown into the environment, they will disappear between 12 and 24 months due to oxygen, heat and mechanical factors. Products will enter the process of extinction as a result of sunlight and mechanical factors, even if they are randomly thrown.
* TDPA (totally degradable plastic additives) additive polymers are mixed at the production stage. The carrying bags are produced according to the rate of degradable and the specified degradable period (12-36 months). In the process of bio-degradable, small amounts of minerals emerge that are compatible with carbon dioxide, water and soil. It should be reminded that no harmful and toxic element is left in the environment in this process. Completely degradable products are separated into small particles and disappear with natural microbial activities. Biological activity such as organic fertilizer is not required to initiate the fragmentation process. However, when such conditions are met, it becomes bio-degradable. It is safe to dispose of the material because the totally degradable plastic additives (TPDA) do not dissolve in water and contain no poison. The process of biodegradable will also begin in the photo and thermal biodegradable conditions. The plastic bag, which can be completely destroyed, can be reused and recycled when appropriate conditions are met. The time of disappearance of the completely disappearing additive product can vary according to the amount of additive used at the production stage. Whatever your area of use, the products can be customized.



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